Laser scanning

Laser scanning is a non intrusive method for collecting 3D information. Laser scanning collects tens of millions 3D coordinates to describe the subject. It’s most suitable for demanding & accurate measurements eg. on buildings, industrial structures, bridges or ground layers.

Traditionally, laser scanning has been used in industrial plants repair planning, terrain mapping and building surveys; however it can be used for in tree mapping, archeology and surveying of road lines, tunnels and bridges. As a final product, the customer receives as required, a point cloud, a point cloud with photographs, a 3D model etc.

The process:

  • We review the complexity of the project and determine the accuracy requirements
  • We will make an offer
  • The customer confirms the order
  • We coordinate the measurement times of the object
  • We perform the laser scanning
  • We do point cloud processing in the office
  • We give the customer a final point cloud ready for further action

In addition to the point cloud, we can also provide you with point cloud processing. Through us it is possible to order both 2D drawings and 3D models.